St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe
It is hard to believe that not only have I been in the benefice for just over two years, but that under Tom’s guidance, I have managed to successfully complete my Curacy, that initial period of on the job learning. The   two   years   here   seem   to   have   both   flown   by   with   so   much   going   on and   so   much   to   be   involved   with,   but   it   also   seems   like   I   have   been here   forever.   I   have   come   to   realise   that   even   after   two   years,   I   do   not know   as   many   of   you   as   I   would   like   to,   but   many   of   you   have   taught me so much, perhaps without even realising it. It   is   normal   practice   in   Leicester   diocese,   at   the   end   of   the   training period,   for   a   curate   to   move   on   to   a   new   parish.   During   my   end   of curacy   interview   with   Bishop   Christopher,   I   expressed   my   desire   to stay   here   in   the   benefice   as   I   felt   that   some   of   the   things   I   have   been involved    with    are    starting    to    show    elements    of    growth.    This    was discussed   by   the   Bishop’s   senior   staff   and   permission   has   been   given for   me   to   stay   in   the   benefice.   Currently Tom   and   I   are   working   together to   look   at   specific   areas   of   responsibility   that   I   may   be   able   to   take   on across   the   benefice.   During   my   time   here   I   have   been   working   closely with   the   Pastoral   teams   in   both   parishes   and   I   hope   to   continue   in   this, as well as expanding my role into other areas.  
Dear Everyone,
At   some   point   in   the   future   I   will   be   licensed   to   the   benefice   in   my   new role   by   our   new   Archdeacon.   We   are   awaiting   a   response   from   the Bishop’s    office    about    the    possibility    of    this    happening    on    Sunday October   29 th    as   part   of   our   joint   morning   service.   I   do   hope   many   of you   will   consider   joining   me   at   the   service   as   I   make   my   formal promises to the Bishop and to Tom about my new role. I   hope   that   over   my   two   years,   I   have   been   able   to   share   some   of   my love    for    God    with    you,    to    encourage    you    into    a    deeper    level    of spirituality and that you have seen me change through being with you. One   of   the   modern   songs   that   will   bring   a   tear   to   my   eyes   when   I   sing it, is “God of the poor”. It has these words as it’s chorus,  God of the poor, friend of the weak, give us compassion we pray:   melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain;   come, change our love from a spark to a flame.” As I start this the next phase of my ministry, I feel called to pray for all, to meet and talk with people outside of the Church, to show God’s love to all I come into contact with especially the families at baptisms, weddings and funerals. I will continue seeking to encourage you all to pray. Please do pray for me as things continue to move forward and I thank you for your support over the last two years. Rob